Interior design of hotel apartments

Project description

A characteristic feature of both the general layout and local units is the chamber of this object, where the name comes from. This layout, forming some kind of boxes at the entrance to the apartment, allows to achieve a regular "clean" facade. The inner walls of the terrace, as well as the floor and ceiling are decorated with wood of warm, rich shade; external walls are finished with polished whitened concrete. All these create a contrast on the facade.

Due to the non-standard oblong shape of the apartment, the issue of insolation can be solved by installing wooden slats, not by solid walls. In the hallway they are used as an element of zoning between the entrance and the living room, as well as between the kitchen and the bedroom, what allows light to penetrate as far as possible. 

In the interior we used mostly light colors: white painted walls, light large-format tiles, but also introduced an accent finish: brick walls, painting in deep, almost gray blue and Marsala colors. To give the apartment more warmth wood was used: cabinet furniture, sliding and entrance doors and some elements of the wall decoration. Such a palette of colors and materials creates a harmonious and comfortable interior.

1st floor plan

1st floor plan

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